Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Toliet Will Explode...

I saw some liquid in the trash can in the bathroom downstairs and thought 'Oh great, Cruz spit in the trash can or dumped a glass of whatever he was drinking into it'.. I yelled for him to come here.

Cruz 'what mom?'
Me 'What is this?' pointing in the garbage can
Cruz 'Pee'...

Pee??... ok I was NOT expecting that.. 

Me 'why would you pee in the trash can, that is so disgusting!'
Cruz 'It's just, if I pee in the toilet too much it will explode!'

Where does he get some of these ideas from?.. part of me wants to laugh and the other wants to scream...

Me 'The toilet will not explode if you pee in it! That's what its for! You do not pee anywhere but in the toilets Cruz!'
Cruz 'Ok Mom'


Cruz asked me how the DVR works, I told him it records all the shows I tell it to so I can watch them later.. so he walked in his room and yelled at his TV 'Record my shows!'


I have a awesome, energetic, mischievous four year old Cruz. So many times the things he does makes me laugh and cringe at the same time inside. I keep telling myself I need to write some of this stuff down to show him later. So I decided to blog about the things he does...